Web and iOS Apps


Checklist web app

The fastest way to make a checklist with friends. Create a checklist and share the link, and anyone can start contributing. No account or download needed. Free to use. Made with React and Firebase.

Online directory for places reopening during COVID-19

Get the current status of your favorite places and find out when they're reopening. Made with React, Firebase, and Google Maps API.


Online, multiplayer turn-based strategy game

Prototype for an online multiplayer version of TicTacToe using Firebase for the backend. Made with Unity, Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Node.js.


Social bookmark manager

Social bookmark manager for saving links and sharing collections easily with people with or without accounts. Made with Swift, React, Node.js, and Firebase.


Product web portal

Product web portal for viewing and editing product details and visualizing data in interactive charts. Made with React, MySQL, Node.js, Viser.js, Koa, and Ant Design.