Games and AR/VR Applications


Mixed reality shopping kiosk

With hand-tracking and a 3D interface, Refinity is a mixed reality shopping kiosk that allows users to view virtual products in 3D and interact with them using hand gestures. No wearables needed. Made with Unity, UltraLeap, and SeeFront.


Virtual reality coding game

Learn computer science fundamentals in virtual reality by completing problem solving objectives. vCoder is designed to attract, inspire, and empower new programmers. Made with Unity.

Wizards' Duel AR

Real-time, multiplayer augmented reality mobile game

Two or more players battle each other in real-time using magic spells and shields in augmented reality. Made with Unity, GameSparks, and ARCore.

Puppy Space Rescue

Mobile arcade game

Blast off into space on an epic journey to save your puppy friends. Drag on the screen to dodge speeding asteroids, huge planets, and nefarious kitty aliens. Test your reflexes, earn high scores, and unlock new characters. Made with Unity.

Mind the Trap

Multiplayer party game

Mind the Trap is a console party game that pits you and your friends against each other in a mix of dungeon platforming and minigames. The game plays on the mischievous balance between cooperation and opportunistic backstabbing. Made with Unreal Engine.